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Synonym / Antonym

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125 2/A

202 3/A

46 1/A

yī | yí | yì
[n] one

[aj] single, alone, only one

[aj] same, identical

[aj] entire, whole, throughout, complete, all

[aj] concentrated, wholehearted

[av/aj] each, per, every time

[av] otherwise, also

[av] a little, slight
[as used between reduplicated verbs:
= of short duration]

[cj] no sooner ... than, the moment that ..., as soon as, once
[with 就]

[n] musical note

[n] Kangxi radical #1 "one"

[n] a surname: Yi

Note1: as a digit often pronounced yāo to avoid confusion with the near homonym 七 qī

Note2: when pronounced alone or at word's end
= 1st tone;
before a 4th tone or unaccented syllable
= 2nd tone;
before a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd tone
= 4th tone

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